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spa Awards 2017

MAIA Spa at MAIA Luxury Resort and Spa

At MAIA Spa they have three individual, private open-air pavilions are separated from each other by natural rock formations. Each spacious 120m2 pavilion features its own garden, changing rooms and showers.
Besides world-class therapy and beauty treatments – using Omorovicza cosmetics- , the highly trained staff can offer the guests more than just skin-deep relief by guiding them through accompanied yoga and Qi Gong sessions.
The Fitness Centre provides the latest equipment. Privately trained therapists offer intuitive massages and an assortment of packages, including special Kids Only treatments such as the banana leaf wrap with hydrating gel for sunburn
An extensive range of treatments is available. Pamper yourself with an outdoor bath, a skin smoothing, polishing and toning nourishment treatment. Guests may choose to have your treatments individually or as a couple. All to the soporific sounds of birdsong and natural waterfalls.

Awards this Property has won:

Editors choice

Situated on the island of Mahe, Seychelles, surrounded by a paradise of lavish tropical gardens and sands of the isolated Anse Louis beach, lies the Maia Luxury Resort & Spa. This Balinese-style Spa between waters falling down granite rocks is the perfect break away from the stress and tension of the daily life routine, and true taste of Heaven! You can experience a treatment on their balcony terrace, outdoor baths and private open-air pavilions separated from each other by natural rock formations, each featuring its own garden, changing rooms and showers. They offer several relaxing and healing treatments such as exfoliation, skin smoothing, polishing and toning, or a hand, foot and hair massage. An assortment of packages are presented, including special Kids Only treatments such as the banana leaf wrap with hydrating gel for sunburn. Highly recommended comes their Yoga classes, self-Shiatsu and fitness center consisting out of the latest "Excite" equipment and a Kinesis wall. Qi Gong is also practiced there for health maintenance purposes, as therapeutic Chinese martial arts, reducing stress levels instantly. Their dedicated professional therapists and personal butlers are appointed to create the space and the experiences you need to reinvigorate and awaken your tired body, enlighten a dim mind and rekindle a dead spirit. Be sure to visit this exclusive Hideaway, receiving their intuitive service which they stand proud of.