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My Cozy Room Boutique Spa

Uncover a hidden gem a stone throw away from the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan Orchard Road. Set against the historical backdrop of a conservation shop house, the site where My Cozy Room Boutique Spa is established represents a colonial and cultural heritage for more than 100 years.
Unlike any other run-of-the-mill spas that are housed in lavish hotels and malls, you can be sure to feel right at home as My Cozy Room has embraced its exterior rustic charm and conceptualized their unique covetable sanctuary into a boutique spa adorned with an alluring Victorian charm for seekers of ultimate comfort and indulgence.
Be spoilt for choice by a myriad of extravagant treats for the Face and Body. At My Cozy Room, expect a comprehensive rejuvenation of your mind, body and soul within their tranquil ambience. Their bespoke service promise to utilize only the most luxurious and effective products including Germany’s No.1 professional skincare brand: BABOR.

It is no surprise that My Cozy Room Boutique Spa was voted as Best Luxury Boutique Spa Singapore in 2015. They also had the honor of being the Official Beauty and Spa for Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant, Miss Singapore Intercontinental, Miss Earth Singapore, Manhunt Singapore etc. Moreover, they clinched the Global Award from Luxury Travel Guide for Singapore’s Boutique Spa of the Year 2014 and are also the proud recipients of Blissful Brides Most Desirable Awards consecutively for the past 4 years.

Awards this Property has won:

Editors choice

In the bustling city of Singapore it can be hard to find a tranquil haven for some peace and relaxation. Just off the famous Orchard Road is My Cozy Room Boutique Spa, where you can be sure to find a soothing ambience as well as therapies that will leave you feeling like you have stepped into paradise! The spa aspires to provide a very personalized service to each of their guests and it offers various face and body treatments. Experience an idyllic retreat with their signature 4-in-1 Indulgence customised massage which follows a 4-step pampering process - It will start off with a cleansing backscrub, followed by an invigorating hotstone therapy, a therapeutic full body massage which will leave your body feeling energised and finally, a refreshing crystal eye massage to keep your body in a harmonious balance. The customised facials are also a cult favourite by the elites of social media and magazines due to its meticulous yet gentle extraction process. The spa highly regards a holistic approach to mind and body wellness as well as providing sheer indulgence without scrimping on its efficacy of its treatments. The friendly and experienced masseuse and therapists will ensure that you keep coming back for more!