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spa Awards 2018

Sanctoo Spa and Wellness

Sanctoo Spa and wellness providees unique and signature spa & wellness program, not only for body and mind but also Soul Treatment. Nowadays many people has forgotten the true of the Nature soul itself “Love – Peace – Happy – Humble - Pure”. Many of them willing to feel it back Nature of Soul. Sanctoo Spa & Welness with Ideal environment, Nature product, Blessed Therapist, original treatment tehnique, Genuine hospitality will guide people to the Nature of Soul.

Spa location “Exclusive small island” surrounded by nature river with waterfall that create natural sound, aromatherapy spa product that blend with the surrounding natural fragrances, well train therapist for technique of treatment, its just the begin of the Nature Healing of the Senses.

Soul Treatment’s Therapist has blessed by several Maha Guru in order to be able to blessing and teach people how people realizing their Nature Soul for the harmony life amomg human being and nature. They also blessed to chanelling God’s purest Energy for any treament and blessing.

Well train therapist to perform the treatment with heart service as based on every servise.
All Therapist has been able to channel and sending based Love Energy - Unconditional love of God to the guest. Guest will feel fibration of the unconditional love and make guest feel peacefull and happy.

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