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spa Awards 2018

Stone Spa

Stone Spa is a 800sqm spa carved in the marble rock, the walls are in authentic and original marble stone. The Spa have several interior pools, 1 hammam, 1 scothish shower, 1 Vichy shower, 4 treatment rooms and relaxation room

Awards this Property has won:

Editors choice

Located in the Alentejo Marmòris Hotel in the town of Vila Vicosa in Portugal, is the luxurious Stone Spa. Entering in the Stone Spa is an unforgettable experience that clears our senses to the beauty of the stone that adorns its original walls. The beauty and strength of its original walls, the authentic trickle of the water and the initial formation of small stalactites make its atmosphere absolutely unique. They feature 4 treatment rooms where guests can enjoy several rejuvenating treatments that all combines the skincare brand, Karin Herzog. We highly recommend that you experience their Signature treatment, namely the Marble Stone Massage that is developed by the Stone Spa team that consists out of various massage techniques, stretches and digit pressure with marble stones of Vila Viçosa. Some of the facilities that you can enjoy at the Spa is an indoor and outdoor heated pool, a swimming pool with whirlpool circuit, a pool with massage beds, a gym and Hamman. Forget the outside world and book your visit to the Stone Spa for a unique spa experience upon your visit to Portugal.