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urumo SPA, ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort

URUMO Spa is located on Okinawa Coral Island, Japan, surrounded by one of the clearest sea waters on earth.

URU, which means “Coral” in the Okinawan ancient language, is noted for being unique to Okinawa Coral Reef Sea Water which is used in the spas original Okinawa Thalassotherapy Spa Experience.

All the treatments at URUMO SPA begin with the “Mineralization Ritual,” a cleansing and relaxing hand and foot massage with Okinawa Coral Reef Sea Water to set an indulgent and calming tone. Personalize your spa experience with offerings of a wide range of treatments.

This unique “Okinawa Deep Sea Water Bath” is available prior to your treatment to enhance your Okinawa Thalassotherapy Spa Experience.