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spa Awards 2019

South America

Listings in Brazil

Kurotel Longevity Medical Center and Spa

Kurotel is proud of its 35-year history built on helping clients to live longer and more meaningful lives through healthy diet, physical exercise, emotional balance, hydrotherapy and phytotherapy.

Listings in Colombia

ar spa at Radisson AR Hotel Bogotá Airport

Ar Spa encourages self-care and improve physical and mental state through a unique relaxation experience in an exclusive place with corporal therapies that provide a perfect well-being and a hydro circuit composed by Pediluvio, Flotarium, Hamman, Sensations Showers and Ludic Pool.

Nirvana Spa Colombia

Be seduced and transport through music, therapies, evoking aromas and raising their spirit to the highest state of liberation from all bonds, absolute tranquility, serenity without limits. Whoever arrives at NIRVANA is released into the ultimate expression of being.

SoSpa at Sofitel Legend Santa Clara

So Spa is a place to live unforgettable moments and rest, is a sanctuary for the mind and body that counts with experts in beauty and relaxation, So Spa promise to give you and extraordinary experience of well being, since is a very luxury place with Caribbean ocean view.

Wellness Spa Movil Center

Nothing more relaxing than the Wellness Spa Movil Center experience. Enjoy a relaxing space created to free you from all the stress that brings the routine. Relax with exquisite massages and rituals designed to leave you completely refreshed.

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