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spa Awards 2019

The Amani 180

The Amani 180 is a hideaway and refuge on the beautiful Greek Island of Alonissos, in The Sporades. The azure, clean waters of the marine park are reflected in the purity of the products we use and in the professional care taken to treat our guests.

The spa is situated in an ancient olive grove with amazing sea views. Guests can enjoy massages and treatments, using the world's very best natural and organic products, in an atmosphere of relaxation and complete tranquility.

The Amani 180's unique ambiance is created in the atmosphere of an African safari style tent. The gorgeous green canopy looks out from a high wooden "treehouse" deck over the Aegean Sea towards the Two Brother Islands " δύο αδέλφια"

Our guests are unique and special and therefore we will do everything possible to pamper and spoil them in order to ensure that they leave The Amani 180 feeling renewed, relaxed, energized, revitalized and at peace.