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Peninsula Hot Springs

A 90 minute drive south of Melbourne on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula natural hot mineral waters are flowing from deep underground and into the pools and private baths of Peninsula Hot Springs. The Bath House is the social bathing area that offers over 20 global bathing experiences enticing guests to explore, relax and connect with nature. Bathing experiences include a Turkish steam bath (Hamam), cave pool, underground sauna, reflexology walk and the Hilltop pool with 360 degree views of the region. The Spa Dreaming Centre is a sanctuary where your mind and body can relax in the natural surrounds. Experiences include tranquil thermal mineral pools, indoor and outdoor private mineral pools and baths. Surrender the body to complete relaxation with one of their indulgent treatment designed to cleanse, refresh, restore and balance. Relax in nature and connect with the deep well of your being.

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Editors choice

Nestled in the town of Victoria, near Melbourne, Australia, your journey of recreation will start here at Peninsula Hot Springs. Being the first natural hot springs and day spa centre in Victoria, this this award-winning coastal oasis provides an idyllic setting for relaxation and rejuvenation with their famous “ Bath House” and “Spa Dreaming Centre”. The Bath House features over 20 globally-inspired bathing experiences including a cave pool, Turkish steam bath, sauna, cold plunge pools, family bathing area, massaging thermal and many more. Emphasising on tranquil spaces and an array of pampering spa treatments, the Spa Dreaming Centre includes treatments such as Australian aboriginal-inspired kodo full body massages to facials, mud and salt wraps, foot therapies and ancient healing stone experiences. Highly recommended comes the Reflexology walk, a relaxing massage technique whereby reflex areas in your feet are stimulated by pressure to generate a positive response in specific parts of the body. This reflexology walk features 10 different stones to massage your feet, resulting in relaxation of the body and mind. Guests can ALSO enjoy unspoilt 360 degree views of the region while relaxing in the hilltop pool to unwind from the everyday lifestyle. Visiting Peninsula Hot Springs is certainly a must-do when travelling to Australia, as it is an ideal family destination where your mind and body can relax in the natural surroundings.