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Porcelain Singapore

Porcelain is a homegrown cult brand that believes in skincare innovations. But it also looks back on the inspiration behind its every solution: its clients who helped build Porcelain.

Porcelain Origins — its latest concept store at Paragon — was named in remembrance of these complementary tenets. It joins Porcelain Face Spa (Cantonment Road), Porcelain Aesthetics (Orchard Road), and flagship Porcelain Signatures (Tanjong Pagar).

Porcelain firmly believes in skincare R&D. Guided by its three philosophies, it combines traditional craftsmanship with state-of-art technology to produce skincare protocols with unparalleled results. Treatments and products are continually reformatted and improved on.

Balance forms the core of Porcelain’s own skincare line — all in-house formulations. By harnessing nature’s ingredients and into technologically advanced formulations, Porcelain houses 14 products suited for all skin types. The range is also available on

With over 40 awards from media and recognized global institutions, Porcelain is well-loved in the industry. It won the Best Beauty Spa in Asia for 5 consecutive years (World Luxury Spa Awards) and was also featured on BBC and in the Louis Vuitton City Guide.

Awards this Property has won:

Editors choice

Located in the vibrant city of Singapore, is the multi award winning Porcelain, The Face Spa. This Spa’s name says what they are all about as they specifically focus on your skin and face with the several rebooting and recovering treatments they offer. What stands out of this spa is the outstanding service they deliver. Upon entering the spa, their loyal therapists will immediately make you feel at home and are always willing to help you with anything you might need throughout your visit. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable, you can rest assured that they will help you make a more informed decision on selecting your skincare provider. We highly recommend that you try one of their signature treatments, like the Quintessential Facial. This award winning treatment includes an intensive extraction session where their highly trained spa therapists makes use of the premium selection of ampoules/serum/tonics and intensive facial masks. This treatment will ensure your skin feeling restored and relaxed. You will find that this beauty spa believes in 3 key philosophies in skincare such as: good skin should be clear and radiant from within; no skin types are the same and last but not least, Skincare is a long term commitment. These 3 philosophies guide Porcelain, and are evident in every aspect of the spa, such as treatment development, product research and staff selection. Porcelain, The Face Spa has been awarded the Best Luxury Beauty Spa in Asia in the years of 2013 and 2014. Do not forget to book your stay at this beautiful destination for a true rejuvenating experience to help you forget about the daily stresses of life.