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Prana Spa Bali

One of the largest spas on the island of Bali, Prana, unlike any other, has been designed with a strong influence of Indian & Middle Eastern exotic architecture. Enjoy the rituals of ancient kings and queens as you journey through Prana’s sacred Eastern traditions of health and beauty.

Inspired by the legendary Moguls of Rajasthan, the designers of Prana Spa sought to blend Indian Palatial complexity with Moroccan rustic simplicity. Whether under a tented ceiling or an elaborate hand painted canvas, our exquisite treatment rooms are the perfect space to relax completely under the expertly trained hands of your therapist. Allow daily concerns to take a back seat as you claim time to attend to your wellness.

Awards this Property has won:

Editors choice

A number one on many travellers list to Bali- The Prana Spa, Seminyak is an exclusive spa which offers the ultimate relaxation to guests. On arrival the professional staff at this spa pays careful attention to their guests, always ensuring that they are relaxed and comfortable. The Spa has many signature treatments to offer and we are excited to share them with you. Facilities at the spa include, plunge pools, a steam room, a salon with baths, as well a rain shower. One such delicious treatment is the Pranalicious Chocolate Treatment. The scrub used during the massage is chocolate infused, so when leaving the spa not only do you smell like chocolate, but you also taste like chocolate! Another must at the spa is the signature Simply Slimming treatment that focuses on new technologies to promote the loss of water retention and cellulite as well as purifying your skin. First you will be pampered with a coffee scrub which is sure to awaken your senses, followed by a seaweed mask and a steam session. All these treatments in combination will leave your skin feeling reinvigorated and fresh. The Spa prides them as being the best in what they do, and they ensure that their guests leave their spa rejuvenated and pampered. We highly recommend a visit to Prana Spa so you can experience this wonderful retreat for yourself!