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Rainforest Salon + Wellness

Rainforest Enniskerry is a Salon + Wellness Space that offers clients a scenic location to treat their body + relax their mind. Perched on a cliffside setting in scenic County Wicklow Ireland, Rainforest is an antidote to our rushed modern lifestyles. It blends the most advanced non-surgical beauty treatments with wellness to help clients enjoy the most beautiful and the most balanced version of themselves.

Rainforest offers individual beauty and spa treatments; treatment bundles or the overnight option of The Rainforest Stay Break in conjunction with The Summerhill House Hotel on whose grounds Rainforest is located. As part of its wellness offering, it allows clients to relax in an outdoor barrel hot tub; outdoor panoramic sauna and has an indoor sauna and steam room.

Rainforest has recently been awarded a European Salon of the Year Award and is proud to be Ireland’s first certified Cancer Aware Salon so all treatments can be tailored to cancer care needs.

Country: Ireland
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