Premium Float & Spa Schwabing

Munich, Germany

Premium Float Schwabing offers the ultimate experience by floating in their modern, elegantly styled floating center in Munich.

Guests float in their own private spa with private bathroom. Float either together with a partner in a big open pool or all by yourself secluded in a floating tank. Their pool for two and tank for single persons are filled with silky, skin temperature water which has been saturated with the purest quality Epsom salt. Floating in warm water automatically causes profound relaxation.

Float in absolute silence or with relaxation music on, in total darkness, in soft light or with a starry sky on. The secluded surrounding, the warmth and the feeling that the water is carrying and caressing, helps guests to overcome tense muscles, tiredness, stress from every day hustle and bustle. The body and soul regenerates like never experienced before. Simply floating in warm salty water is the most relaxing experience in the universe or in the whole wide world. Profound relaxation causes the brain to release endorphins that make guests feel happy.

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  • Flotation Therapy

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