Almablu Wellness & Spa

Venice, Italy

Almablu Spa is the Soul of Wellness, where time stops to help rediscover self-beauty.

In their philosophy, which considers Time and Space as limitless dimensions, the holistic paths proposed design a unique experience through spaces, colors, scents, flavors and feelings.

The goal of Almablu tailor-made Programs, Rituals, Energy Massages and Treatments, created exclusively for the Spa through ancient methods that blend together the East and the West, is to eliminate physical and mental stress, offering true moments of well-being that go beyond a momentary indulgence.

The renowned Almablu energy massages act on the body’s energy meridians and on precise points used in acupuncture, which aims to restore personal balance and harmony by focusing primarily on treating the cause rather than the symptom. The unique Sleep-improving energy massages are dedicated to all those who need to improve the quality of their sleep or are unable to sleep.

Providing a unique seafront location on Lido di Jesolo, Almablu is an escape into a world of sensations to awaken the senses and reach the soul’s hidden depths through the body thanks to amazing appointed facilities and the exclusive Almablu skincare line.

Features & Facilities

  • Wellness Programs
  • Regenerating Program
  • Massage
  • Couples Massage
  • Fitness Center
  • Private Spa
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Postural Training
  • Tai Chi
  • Outdoor Pool

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