The Awards Procedure

The World Luxury Spa Awards winners are voted for by the public and are awarded to luxury spas or spa groups across a range of diverse categories. Awards are presented on a country, regional, continent and global basis, with one spa receiving the accolade of “Global Spa of the Year”.

  • Nominations

    Luxury spas can self-nominate or be nominated by guests, travel agents or tour operators for consideration in the World Luxury Spa Awards, which is made possible by the nomination facility on our website. Feedback from guests about their experience at a property allows us to evaluate the respective spas to qualify them for participation. The successfully qualifying spas are then formally invited (or accepted) to participate and register in the awards initiative. Official nominees will automatically be invited to register in the following year’s award season at a preferential rate.

  • Winning Levels

    Participants compete on a country, regional, continent and global basis. Only properties competing in the same categories compete against each other.


    Continents are as follows:

    North America, South America, Europe, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia & Oceania


    Regions are as follows:

    North and Central America, Caribbean, Latin America, West & Central Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, Middle East & North Africa (MENA), Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Indian Ocean Islands, Central Asia, East Asia, South East Asia, South West Asia, Southern Asia, Australasia and The South Pacific/Oceania.

  • Registration

    Simply register online and our trained consultants will guide you from there:

    Alternatively, you may also download the registration form available on the registration page and email it to us at:

  • Voting

    Anyone can vote online during the designated voting season, attracting over 250,000 votes annually.



    • A Voting Kit will be supplied to participating spas prior to the voting season. This will include the branded voting button, headers, voting support messages and suggested marketing strategies and promotional campaigns to implement.
    • Votes are cast online in the voting season, the dates for voting will be announced to all participants when the date and venue for the Gala Ceremony is confirmed.
    • Enter your email address and select the spa and category you wish to vote in. Only one vote may be cast per email address, per spa. You will be able to vote for multiple spas per email address.
    • Interim voting results will be released shortly after voting has closed, however the official winners will be announced and revealed at the Gala Awards Ceremony a few months later.
    • The venue and date for the event  will be announced to all participants when the information has been confirmed.


  • Judging criteria

    Judging criteria is based on service delivery, luxury and presentation. The size of a property is not taken into consideration to determine eligibility.

  • Winners and the Gala Awards Ceremony

    Winners are determined at the end of the voting season and interim results are then released to the respective spas. Participants will be invited to attend the Gala Awards Ceremony where the official winners are announced, also revealing the category and level of the award achieved.  This event is the year’s highlight, with many new business opportunities forged from the meeting of hospitality affiliates from around the world.

  • World Luxury Spa Awards Marketing Material

    A ‘Nominee Marketing Kit’ will be provided to participants upon registration. A ‘Voting Kit’ will be sent at least 6 weeks prior to the voting season, thereafter the relevant ‘Winner Logo’s’ are sent after the official results have been released.

  • The Ultimate Spa Guide

    The Ultimate Spa Guide is an annually published, high-quality digital guide, profiling and show casing all participating spas. Travel agents, tour operators and guests use these as a guideline to research, discover and book luxury spa experiences. Each participant shares in the advantage to feature prominently in this guide.

  • Cost?

    The once-off annual registration fee is £450 per spa for three categories. The fee includes extensive global marketing and exposure throughout the year.

  • Why enter our awards?

    Participation alone delivers brand growth. As an official participant, each spa receives a digital marketing service and promotional campaign toolkit to ensure maximum exposure on all marketing platforms. Winning a World Luxury Spa Award will not only inspire the confidence of guests and retain a loyal clientele in this highly competitive market, but it will also stimulate continuous growth and development of your spa.

  • Marketing Services Included

    Online Profile Listing

    Each participant receives a dedicated online profile that showcases the spas unique selling points. International travelers visit the World Luxury Spa Awards website in order to discover and book luxury destinations.


    The profile features:


    – Spa Description and Images
    – Spa Logo
    – Spa Contact Details
    – Location pin on Google Maps
    – Spa Menu (can be added)
    – Spa Booking Link (can be added)
    – A YouTube Video (can be added)
    – A PDF Press Release or Promotion (can be added)
    – Spa Features & Facilities are listed
    – Links to the spa’s Website and Social Media channels
    – Live news feed of the spa’s Social Media channels (where permitted)
    – Latest news and promotions via the Social Media windows
    – The profile can be edited and updated by the client


    World Luxury Spa Awards provides a free website platform where travelers can access and book directly with the spa of their choice.


    Ultimate Spa Guide

    An annually published, high-quality digital guide, profiling and show casing all participating spas.


    Marketing Tool Kit & Voting Tool Kit

    We provide the official Nominee and Winner logos to be used on all spa marketing material. The spa participant has the right to use their respective authorized logos at their discretion for years to come. Voting tools include a voting button, e-mailer, social media artwork as well as instructions in order to launch a successful marketing and voting campaign. Each participant also receives a personalized voting page during the online voting phase.


    Dedicated Spa Consultant

    Each spa participant receives an allocated professional consultant who manages the spa’s registration, sets up and administrates the spa’s digital online profile, communicates allimportant information, provides the marketing tool kit and general support to ensure a successful journey.

  • Terms and Conditions

    1. Complete the online registration form and submit.
    2. Please send us at least five high-resolution landscape images (no smaller than 1MB each) of the exterior view, features and inside of the property (JPEG format) via email to your consultant, as well as a short description best describing the facilities and general information regarding the property. Descriptions should not exceed a max of 130 words.
    3. Settle the registration fee within seven working days from entry date and submit the proof of settled invoice.
    4. The once-off annual registration fee is £450 per spa entry. The fee includes extensive global marketing and exposure throughout the year.
    5. The update of official WLSA marketing logo by the participating spa on marketing material is compulsory. This will assist in generating votes during the annual voting process. It is compulsory to utilise marketing logos given to confirm that the property is an official participant. Once results are announced winner/finalist logos should also be implemented from the side of the spa.
    6. Images and information that you send us will be used by us for any purpose, it will not be subject to confidential treatment and may be disclosed by us without further consent from participants.
    7. The World Luxury Awards retains the right to disqualify entries.
    8. Should there be any information changes on the side of the participating property, this should be emailed to your designated consultant to update the company profile. Should any information changes (e.g. Contacts, name changes, category changes) not be communicated with the World Luxury Awards, we will not be held responsible for outdated information of profiles.
    9. Authorised company representatives who submit entries will be our primary point of contact unless we are otherwise notified.
    10. When a property re-registers from one year to another, existing images and descriptions of the property will be used unless we receive the updated version within seven days from entry date.
    11. Registrations can be paid via Bank Transfer or Credit Card. Please note that when paying via Credit Card, you will not be responsible for settling additional bank costs as the amount payable will be directly converted from GBP to ZAR (South African Rands) via the currency converting website to process the payment.
    12. Registration invoices are to be settled within the given timeframe.The full registration fee should reach the World Luxury Awards account; thus, all relevant bank costs should be added, and provision should be made for any charges that may occur due to transferring of funds.
    13. Proof of payment is required and should be emailed to
    14. All voting results are kept confidential and will not be shared with any participants.



    Although we work very hard to provide you with the most current and accurate information on our website, we can’t and don’t warrant that everything you see on this site is up-to-date, error-free or complete.


    Cancellation Policy

    ● 0% Refund.
    ● Registration fees are not refundable.
    ● No cancellations will be accepted once entries have been successfully submitted.
    ● The company will be held liable for payment of the once-off administration fee as well as any legal costs resulting from failure to pay.
    ● By submitting the administration form, the company agrees to participate officially in the World Luxury Spa Awards for one year.