AWAY Spa at W Algarve

Albufeira, Portugal

At W Algarve’s AWAY Spa, the use of water in different treatments is as old as time.

Ancient civilizations used bathing rituals and sweat lodges as a form of healing. Water & Heat are an extremely important part of the Spa experience as they have major benefits such as pain relief, sleep improvement, better cardiovascular health and stress reduction.

Enjoy our amazing Wet Lounge either during your stay or before your spa treatment. Sauna, Steam Room, Ice Crunch, Sensorial Shower, Fire Tub and Ice Tub are some of the treatments that you will find at this luxurious wellness spa.

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Features & Facilities

  • Relaxation Lounge
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Experience Showers
  • Ice Experience

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