Étoile Spa

Shizuoka, Japan

All 26 guest rooms at Izu Hotel are equipped with open-air hot spring baths, and the baths are only open-air deep baths (125 cm deep) to provide a different hot spring experience from that of your room.

The depth of the water is approximately chest-high if you bathe standing up, or shoulder-deep if you sit on a bench inside the tub. It is said that you feel the water pressure more depending on the depth of the water. It is truly an extraordinary spa experience.

The water has Sodium chloride and sulfate onsen (slightly yellow, transparent, slightly salty, odorless).

As in the other areas of the building, guests can enjoy a rare experience of a deep hot spring bath while enjoying the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean and the Izu Islands. Look up at the stars at night as they fall over the land of Izu. This is a special time to face yourself as you look up at the endless starry sky. Through dialogue with the stars, your mind will slowly open. The body relaxes, the mind is healed, and the light of hope is lit up in our hearts. The night in Izu, the land of silence, brings hope and tranquility to the body, mind, and spirit.

Enjoy the spa experience as you are surrounded by the shining stars and drift off into a deep sleep. Sweet Dream with Stars.

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