Frella International Pvt Ltd

Maharagama, Sri Lanka

FRELLA – Mind, Body and Soul.

Founded in 2014, predominantly as a turnkey solutions provider for the hospitality and spa industries in the Maldives, FRELLA has been able sustain a steady growth as a holistic wellness brand in the south East Asian region.

Frella’s Natural Skin Care products are hand-made skin and hair care remedies crafted by certified herbalists.

The brand focuses on approaching modern day personal care in a holistic way, without the use and application of Parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, petrochemicals, PEG's, SLS and other harmful chemicals and substances.

FRELLA is all about bringing the out the natural beauty in you and assisting you to become healthy from the inside and out! All the products are natural plant extract based which are blended to perfection by following ancient medicinal practices and scriptures passed on by generations of herbal healers. This 5,000-year-old ancient science from Sri Lanka is built on the notion that “beauty comes from within” and by using all-natural ingredients blended to perfection which is called “Ayurveda”. Ayurveda, is probably the world’s oldest system of natural medicine. When translated, Ayurveda means “science of life,” and it stems from the ancient body of spiritual teachings known as the Vedas….

Frella's VISION is to create a holistic wellness experience with healthy benefits of this ancient science across the globe!

Give yourself the gift of Holistic Wellness with FRELLA all natural skin and hair care products, and feel good knowing you are taking a step towards a healthier, more beautiful skin, while moving towards a holistic approach in skin care healing your mind, body and soul.

“As long as we are not living in harmony with nature and our constitution, we cannot expect ourselves to be really healed. Ayurveda gives us the means."

Features & Facilities

  • Organic Products
  • Body and Hair Oil
  • Body Gel
  • Body Lotion
  • Organic Shampoo & Conditioners
  • Athleisure Care
  • Paraben & Alcohol-Free
  • Holistic Ayurveda Herbal Oils

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