Gora Spa AIOI

Kanagawa, Japan

Gora Spa AIOI fills each guest with absolute “gems” perfect for his/her desires and needs in restorative care and genuine hospitality along with scenic views of Hakone mountains and Sagami bay and extraordinary hot springs of great Earth energy.

In Hakone・Gora, the land is imbued with a powerful energy, emanating from robust bedrock and rocks. This city boasts rich natural surroundings and a refined cultural ambiance, offering splendid vistas of both mountains and the sea. Through the abundant and powerful nature of Hakone・Gora, you can catch a glimpse of the Five Elements Theory, an ancient eastern philosophy of nature.

The Five Elements Theory posits that all things in nature consist of the five elements—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—interacting with and influencing each other in a continuous cycle. These biorhythmic laws of the natural world also exist within our bodies, guiding us on how to promote internal circulation and achieve optimal balance.

The combination of being enveloped in the wonderful “ONSEN(hot springs)” that overflows into Hakone・Gora, and the spa treatments performed by the hands of therapists that liberate the body and mind, is a true wellness spa experience that can only be experienced at Gora Spa AIOI.

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  • Body Treatments
  • Facial Treatments
  • Men’s Treatments
  • Signature Programs
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