Lily of the Valley

La Croix Valmer, France


Lily of the Valley, a 5-star hotel located in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, offers a luxurious and welcoming setting to its guests all year round. It is thanks to its wellness programs - weight loss, sport, detox and better aging - that the hotel stands out as a place where residents can achieve their health goals in a healthy and sustainable way. The Lily of the Valley method is thus structured around three key pillars: slimming gastronomy (approach developed with nutritionist Jacques Fricker), care and sport.

The Shape Club, at the center of this approach, provides expert and personalized support for clients. The know-how of our therapists combined with innovative technologies makes it possible to offer targeted care according to needs. Thanks to its sports facilities and its team of expert coaches in their fields, the Shape Club also offers a wide range of outdoor and indoor sports activities within the idyllic setting of Gigaro Bay.


Lily of the Valley, a 5-star hotel located in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and open all year round, offers a truly stunning, luxurious, welcoming setting. Through its wellness programs – Weight Loss, Sport, Detox and Better Aging – the hotel has distinguished itself as a place where guests can achieve their health goals both safely and sustainably. The Lily of the Valley method is based around three key pillars: weight loss cuisine (an approach developed with nutritionist Jacques Fricker), treatments and sport.

At the heart of Lily of the Valley's approach lies the Shape Club, where clients can benefit from personalized expertise and support. Our therapists combine their skills with innovative technologies so that they can offer treatments tailored to individual needs. Thanks to the Shape Club's sports facilities and expert coaches, it can also offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor fitness activities, set against the idyllic backdrop of the bay of Gigaro.

Features & Facilities

  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Fitness Classes
  • Physical Sports Training
  • Massages
  • Detox Programs
  • Body Wrap
  • Fitness Center
  • Sauna
  • Health & Wellness Talks

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