Maruia Hot Springs

Maruia Springs, New Zealand

Immerse yourself in the ultimate outdoor experience at Maruia Hot Springs.

Connect with nature as you sauna and bathe in mineral hot springs and take in the views of the river and surrounding mountains. Stay and indulge in the middle of this picturesque national reserve and explore the area on a number of hiking trails around the property.

Discover relaxation and nature at the base of the mountains as you immerse yourself in New Zealand’s pure thermal springs and sauna experiences. Maruia Hot Springs connects people with nature as you bathe in mineral water that naturally flows from the ground. Explore the numerous thermal bathing experiences, wellness activities and enjoy all the national reserve has to offer.

Features & Facilities

  • Thermal Bathing Experiences
  • Thermal Springs
  • Steam Room
  • Foot Bath
  • Cold Plunge Pool
  • Thermal Showers
  • Onsen Showers

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