Montigo Wellness

Bali, Indonesia

Montigo Wellness has something for all generations, young and aged, seeking respite from urban life.

Restore your body's balance with centuries-old therapies, accentuated by the ambient infusion of soothing fragrances and light. Recharge and be holistically revived at Montigo Wellness.

Montigo Wellness offers rituals and therapies that begin with a water-based healing journey. For intimate pampering, the benefits of wellness programs may be further enhanced with a stay one of the resort's suites, a specially designed cocoon with rain shower and aromatherapy scents - perfect as an antidote to city life.

Our wellness treatments are formulated on-premise, utilizing natural ingredients that harness the raw potential of what Mother Nature has to offer. To ensure the natural oils and juices retain their efficacy during treatment, ingredients are hand-ground minutes before your appointment.

Delivering personalized experiences, share your preferences with a spa therapist, and we will ensure it's a visit you'll long cherish.

Features & Facilities

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Natural Products
  • Rain Showers
  • Aromatherapy
  • Healing Rituals
  • Yoga & Meditation

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