My Chi Wellness & Spa

Hoi An City, Vietnam

From the moment you walk into My Chi Wellness & Spa, you begin to feel a deep sense of being at peace.

A gentle cooling breeze wafts through the long hanging curtains, water trickles down the fountain, a subtle aroma of sandalwood meets your nose and you are greeted by the smiling face of a Soul Guide. This is your place to leave it all behind and relax and rejuvenate.

The spa is a holistic retreat that incorporates many elements, old and new. Yoga, tai chi, massage, sauna, and steam rooms are essential parts of every journey. Together they work to balance the body, mind, and spirit and leave you feeling like you’re walking on clouds.

Your journey takes place under the careful attention of a Soul Guide; your personal attendant who will walk you through every stage, who cares deeply about your experience, and are there to assist you in any way they can.

Features & Facilities

  • Accommodation
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Traditional Thai
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Body Care
  • Body Scrub
  • Body Treatments
  • Body Wrap
  • Face & Body Essentials
  • Manicures/Pedicures
  • Face Care
  • Facials

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