Sulwhasoo Spa at Shilla Monogram Quangnam Danang

Quang Nam, Vietnam

Sulwhasoo Spa at Shilla Monogram Quangnam Danang - A beauty care space presents a world of beauty powered by art and heritage.

Sulwhasoo Spa is in a prime location in Shilla Monogram Quangnam Danang, possessing a luxurious and peaceful space, delicately designed in Korean style. It offers visitors an oasis of relaxation where they can immerse themselves in premium skin and body care treatments, inspired by traditional Korean therapeutic arts and herbal products - Sulwhasoo's precious.

Services at Spa:Facial treatment: Sulwhasoo Spa offers many intensive facial care treatments, suitable for all skin types and customer needs.

Full body treatment: Relaxation treatments using Sulwhasoo's exclusive massage tools, performed by professional therapists, relax tense muscles, promote blood circulation, at the same time, it provides healthy energy to firm and improve body skin.

The launch of Sulwhasoo Spa at Shilla Monogram Quangnam Danang marks the cooperation between two luxury brands, providing visitors with a classy and unique Spa experience, contributing to improving services at the resort.

Features & Facilities

  • Body Treatments
  • Facial Treatments
  • Massage
  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Therapy Garden

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