Talise SPA at Jumeirah Bali

Bali, Indonesia


Bali’s first royal Turkish hammam and soulful ‘Divine Therapies’ promise tip-to-toe indulgence and energy rebalancing amid boundless panoramas

Taking relaxation to the next level, Jumeirah’s collection of luxury spas is the epitome of revitalisation. Guests will be able to experience the only traditional Royal hammam on the island, alongside an array of soulful ‘Divine Therapies’ and holistic wellness therapies inspired by the Majapahit Empire that ruled the entire region until the 16th century and whose ruling elite called Bali home for centuries.

Located on one of the resort’s uppermost terraced levels, Talise Spa offers a verdant sanctuary with sweeping views of a traditional Balinese healing garden, creating a wonderfully serene setting to indulge in soul-healing indigenous therapies. The all-encompassing spa draws on the Hindu – Javanese concept of ‘Satyam, Siwam, Sundaram’ (Truth, Consciousness, Bliss), which promotes the idea of living a balanced and harmonious life to achieve true beauty and spiritual purity. Focusing on timeless beauty traditions passed down generations, the spa takes guests on a therapeutic journey where Balinese traditions, Arabic therapies and European expertise combine to deliver a memorable sensory experience based on therapies that have cleansed and nourished the body and soul for centuries.

Nestled within the spa’s 1,705-square-metre heaven of tranquillity is an opulent Turkish hammam that pays tribute to Princess Campa, who was instrumental in introducing the local ruling elite to the Ottoman Empire’s world-famous bathhouse culture in the 14th century. Impressed with Hammam’s purifying qualities, the Princess was quick to incorporate hammam and gommage into her beauty routine and social life, turning to steam therapy to detoxify, purify and heal the body and soul.

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  • Hammam
  • Spa Rituals
  • Facial Treatments
  • Massages
  • Yoga
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Hair Care

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