Ultra Medi Spa

Queensland, Australia

Our exquisitely luxurious day spa finds its serene abode in an opulent cottage, radiating elegance & allure at its very core.

At Ultra Medi Spa where we have created an intimate escape, each visit becomes a sensory journey offering a complete spa wellness experience with visible results. Step into the realm of sublime indulgence where luxury intertwines with results driven treatments, as our resplendent spa, unveils its treasures. Immerse yourself in the embrace of opulence as you discover three sumptuous treatment rooms, an enchanting relaxation gardens, an inviting warm magnesium float pod, & plush couches that embrace our captivating LED Light Lounges. Every exquisite detail harmoniously converges, captivating your senses with Ultra’s signature scent & instilling a profound sense of tranquillity from the very moment you cross our threshold. As you step outside to the Relaxation Gardens you will find guests basking in a private tropical oasis over a glass of champagne/herbal tea, listening to the tranquil sounds of our custom water feature, surrounded in the lush greenery. Relaxing & inspiring blissful wellbeing from the inside & out.

Features & Facilities

  • Anti-Aging Treatment
  • Facial Treatments
  • Flotation Therapy
  • Body Treatments
  • Hair Removal

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