urumo Spa 〜CHURAUMI Thalassotherapy〜

Okinawa, Japan

CHURAUMI Thalassotherapy & YANBARU Phytotherapy

urumo Spa is dedicated to achieving a balance of body, mind, and spirit through the principles of Okinawa's unique natural environment. In Okinawan, "uru" means coral, and "mo" represents seaweed.

The clarity of CHURAUMI (beautiful sea) is achieved through the harmonious coexistence of coral and seaweed, symbolizing an optimal balance within the marine ecosystem. Drawing inspiration from CHURAUMI (beautiful sea), urumo Spa offers treatments that aim to restore balance through thalassotherapy, replenishing the body with essential minerals.Additionally, the plants of YANBARU (mountainous forests), nurtured by the red earth, the sun, and the energy of the moon, contain remarkable vitality. Harnessing the power of Okinawan plants like black sugar, GETTO (shell ginger), and SHIKUWASA (Okinawan lime), urumo Spa’s treatments tap into natural healing to restore the balance of body and mind.

With these blessings from Okinawa’s nature, urumo Spa welcomes guests to a place where healing and vitality are abundant.

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