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2020 World Luxury Spa Awards Winners Announced

11 November 2020

To celebrate the 10th year of the World Luxury Spa Awards the winners of these prestigious awards have been announced representing more than 75 countries and 480 spas.

The World Luxury Spa Awards recognizes establishments for world-class service excellence. Awards are presented on a country, regional, continent and global basis. Winners are selected by public vote online, providing true recognition that reflects the hard work and dedication exhibited by staff.  

We started the 2020 award year with great excitement, planning two very special and unique events in Indonesia and Mauritius. We adapted to the ever-changing circumstances, and to make up for being unable to host an event, we decided to do our utmost to provide all participants with a special winner package, including individual personal video clips, a video message from management and a set of winner images announcing their win.

The 2020 Global Spa of the Year Award went to Stobo Castle Health Spa in Scotland, congratulations to Elliot Winyard and his team on receiving this prestigious awards. Winners are highly deserving of this prestigious award, epitomizing as they do the ethos of luxury and fine service. Many factors play a part in determining the global spa of the year winner, such as brand, location and overall guest satisfaction as per feedback via online reviews, among others. This year the focus was on those that showed true determination during a year never experienced in our industry before.

“We congratulate this year’s winners. It speak volumes to your dedication and commitment to our industry in this challenging year. True luxury is not easily attained. It takes highly efficient and dedicated staff, who are willing to go the extra mile and stop at nothing to ensure that every guest feels cared for and no challenge goes unresolved. This is the definition of luxury, it is what makes the winners shine.” says World Luxury Awards Marketing Director, Michael Hunter-Smith.

As the year draws to an end both FRANCE 24, our official sponsor, and ourselves are confidently optimistic that 2021 will see the international travel and tourism industry start its growth and recovery. We look forward to sharing this journey with you all.

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2016 World Luxury Spa Awards Winners Announced

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate a highly successful 2016 World Luxury Spa Awards’ season. We want to thank our participating spas for their continued and loyal support. Congratulations to each and every one of our 389 category winners and especially to our Global Spa of the Year Winner, the Portugal based Sayanna Wellness, EPIC SANA Algarve. As a luxury resort and fitness spa with the focus on wellness, Sayanna is one of the leaders in achieving total life transformation, wellbeing and longevity.

Our hugely successful first spa and restaurant gala event was concluded at the exquisite 5-star Grand Hotel Kronenhof Pontresina in Switzerland. Guests were pampered in lavishly furnished rooms and the spa and wellness at Grand Hotel Kronenhof comforted tired bodies in an oasis stretching over 2,000 square meters, specially designed to bring natural freshness inside.

Spas from all over the world were present and media coverage at the event included interviews and filming as each attendee was rewarded with their trophy on stage. Cultural performances by the Alphorn Players and Leo Wundergut & the Jetset-Singers complemented the sumptuous 6-course dinner that was hosted in the hotel’s signature Grand Restaurant. What an amazing evening was had by all at this Swiss National Heritage Site. Situated 1,800m above sea level in Pontresina, a city founded more than 1,000 years ago and just 6 kilometers away from St. Moritz, this magnificent hotel was the perfect setting for this spectacular inaugural gala event!

Maintaining and awarding the highest standards within the global luxury spa sector remains our primary goal. This motto is reflected in our distinguished list of prestigious winners, some of which have been a part of our Luxury Awards family for many years. We would like to give the guest a feeling of security when booking a World Luxury Spa Awards recognized spa as their first preference.

We pledge our continued support through substantial marketing and promotional campaigns to promote participants on a global scale by means of an online spa profile hosted by the World Luxury Hotel and Spa Awards website as well as media-networking opportunities with our established sponsors and media partners.

This has proven in the past to raise service standards within the luxury spa industry and ensure awareness of your brand. We support all participants equally in promoting their status with our Awards and it is our wish to have a long and successful journey with you.

It is with great pleasure that we can announce our next gala event to be hosted at the JW Marriott Hanoi in Vietnam on 22 July 2017, and we look forward to seeing each of you there.